Spanish researchers will launch a clinical trial to ‘cure’ HIV patient with a cord blood transplant.

Dec 15, 2014

By using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV, Spanish medical professionals believe they can best the AIDS-causing virus.

The procedure has already been successful, “curing” a patient of the AIDS virus : known under the name of “Berlin patient”, he received, in 2008, a stem cell transplant from a donor naturally resistant to HIV and has remained off antiretroviral therapy since the first day of his stem cell transplant.

Last year, an infected 37-year-old man from Barcelona began receiving a transplant of blood from an umbilical cord, and he was cured. Unfortunately, the man died of cancer just three years later, after developing lymphoma. Nonetheless, the Spanish medical team involved remain committed to the technique, and they consider their work to be a breakthrough in the battle against HIV and related conditions.

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