Heart patient given stem cell therapy well

Jan 19, 2015

A revolutionary treatment for severe heart failure using embryonic stem cells seems to have worked, with the female patient resuming normal activity. This woman treated with a revolutionary embryonic stem-cell therapy for severe heart failure is doing well three months after the operation.

The patient, 68 at the time of the procedure last October, was given juvenile heart cells that had been grown in the lab from human precursor cells. The young cells were transferred in a gel-laced patch applied to a damaged part of the woman’s heart during bypass.The new technique had not triggered any tumours in animal trials, and the female patient has not shown any negative reaction to the cells or immunosuppressant drugs.

The patient’s cardiologist, Philippe Menasche of the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital in Paris, presented the positive results last week, at the annual meeting of the French Society of Cardiology.

Inserm Press release here.